Bond 2024 Information

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024 voters will decide on extending the current bond tax rates to continue the vision of Kirksville Schools.

Official Ballot Question:

"Shall the Kirksville R-III School District issue

its general obligation bonds in the amount of

$33,000,000 for the purpose of constructing,

improving, renovating, repairing, furnishing

and equipping new and existing school

facilities, including installing a new secure

entryway and safety improvements at the

District's High School and constructing a new

education center for the performing arts?

If this question is approved, the District's

debt service property tax levy is estimated to

remain unchanged at $0.8190 per one

hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real

and personal property."

No Tax Rate Increase

Two Phases

Total Amount Phase 1

Why do our students and our community need this bond?

  • A comprehensive safety audit completed in 2022 identified a number of safety and security measures the district should make. However, the costs to make these improvements is beyond our capacity to fulfill without bond revenue.

  • KHS music and band programs share a single classroom with very limited practice space for either program. These programs continue to outgrow their current available space.

  • The main part of the high school was built in 1960 and has had two additions. The original segment of the building, including the school office area, student commons, cafeteria, band/choir rooms, and gymnasium have not had any significant improvements.

  • The high school cafeteria is inadequate for the current student population and is useful for only limited activities, while the courtyard is underutilized due to weather restraints.

  • KHS drama department does not have a dedicated performance space. The middle school auditorium is used for drama performances and also community events. The space is very limited and schedule conflicts frequently arise. Seating in that auditorium is not ideal for performances, while the acoustics diminish the quality of events.

So, what will this bond do for our students?

Project 1: Education Center for the Performing Arts

Project 2: Kirksville High School Renewal

Project 3: Safety Enhancements

safety enhancements

Project 4: Ray Miller Elementary Updates

Project 5: William Matthew Middle School Updates

Project 6: Parking and Traffic Flow Improvements




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