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Kirksville R-III School District

Kirksville Primary School


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First Grade Goals and Expectations

Reading Expectations

Students will:

Know letter/sound relationships

Decode words (phonics)

Know high frequency words

Demonstrate fluent oral reading

Demonstrate comprehension of text

Apply reading strategies


Children will learn to read through:

Hands- on activities

Real experiences



Reading practice


Sight word approach

Writing experiences

Repeating rhymes, stories and songs

Choral reading

Writing/Spelling Expectations

Students will:

Express thoughts in writing

Write in complete sentences

Use capital letters/correct punctuation

Use legible handwriting

Memorize and apply weekly spelling lists


Math Expectations

Students will:

Achieve to master math facts/concepts


Children will learn math through:

Hands-on activities

Sorting objects

Graphing activities


Writing numbers

Calendar activities

Measuring and weighing

Telling time to hour/half hour

Identifying/counting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters

Citizenship Expectations

Students will:

Students will be expected to be Respectful, Responsible and Give Their Best Effort

Social Studies, Science, Health, Computers, Physical Education, Music, and Art

Students will:

gain basic understanding in these area

increase knowledge base in these areas


Samples of daily work

Performance tasks

Completion of projects


Observation and check lists

Teacher-made test

Cooperation and social skills