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Kirksville R-III School District

Kirksville Primary School


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Second Grade Goals and Expectations

Reading and Writing

Students will become proficient by:

Determining purpose in reading and writing.

Applying reading strategies.

Increasing comprehension skills.

Identifying setting, plot, characters, and meaning in stories or books.

Learning about authors and illustrators.

Writing complete sentences, paragraphs, stories and

letters to communicate ideas. (Complete indicates capital letter, subject, verb and punctuation.)

Writing poetry, stories, and news articles.

Reacting to many types of reading and writing.



Students will become proficient through:

Using hands-on math experiences.

Discussing real-life problems.

Applying problem-solving strategies.

Experimenting with math concepts.

Determining purpose for using numbers.

Knowing basic addition and subtraction facts.

Comprehending math relationships.

Identifying math symbols.

Using measurement.

Solving oral and written math problems in addition and subtraction.

Counting money and telling time.

Constructing graphs, charts, and models.


Students will learn by participating in:

A rain forest unit designed to learn the concept of interdependency

Simple machines – force motion and gravity

A unit on animal habitats and animal classification

Earth’s materials: rocks and soil

Exploratory units


Social Studies

Students will learn by participating in:

A unit studying American Indians;

A map unit

And units about social behavior and expectations.


Social Skills

Students will learn by:

Developing rules to live in a community.

Cooperating with others.

Assuming responsibility at school.

Respecting cultural differences and diversity.

Learning about the community and the states.

Making choices about the use of resources.

Protecting the environment.

Solving problems and predicting consequences.

Study Skills

Students will learn by:

Listening attentively.

Using time wisely.

Working independently.

Participating in group work.

Following directions.

Completing work on time.

Organizing and managing materials.

Assuming responsibility.

Students will learn citizenship by:

Respecting rights and property of others.

Cooperating with peers.

Being courteous and observing rules.

Exercising self-control.