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Kirksville R-III School District

Kirksville Primary School


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What is Positive Behavior Support 

or PBS?

"Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) is a general term that refers to the application of positive behavioral interventions and systems to achieve socially important behavior change. Positive behavioral support is not a new intervention package, nor a new theory of behavior, but an application of a behaviorally-based systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools, families, and communities to design effective environments that improve the fit or link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occurs." (Sugai, et, all, 1999).


PBS at Kirksville Primary School

      • Respect
      • Responsibility
      • Best Effort

Positive Behavior Support at KPS is showing Respect, Responsibility and Best Effort in all areas of the school.

Some examples of this might be:

      • using tiger tails and bubbles in the hallway
      • using an inside voice in the lunchroom
      • earning individual and classroom incentives
      • individual and group social skill

By collaborating, schools and families can find solutions for difficult behaviors that can be applied to both the school and home environment.

By avoiding the "Blame Game" schools and families empower each other and work toward the best solution for the student.

PBS principles and strategies work in all environments.

Behavior links to:

      • Decrease classroom problem behaviors
      • Increased time on task
      • Improved academic performance


Tiger Pride Pledge

I pledge to show Tiger Pride each day.

I will show respect, for my teachers, my classmates and myself.

I will take responsibility for my words and my actions.

I will give my best effort in all that I do.!



Recovery Room

The Recovery Room at the Primary School is a place of learning. Social skills are taught on a one on one basis, or in a small group setting. A relationship is built and established with the student in another area other than the classroom.

Documentation and data collection are also a key element in the process of the Recovery Room. This information is used to decrease high risk situations and areas. A coordinative effort is implemented between the classroom teacher, parents, recovery room personnel and administration in an effort to aid the student in achieving his or her greatest potential.


Tiger Pride Calendar


Week one- Respect
Week two- Responsibility
Week three- Effort
Week four- Respect


Week one- Responsibility
Week two- Effort
Week three- Respect
Week four- Responsibility
Week five- Effort


Week one- Respect
Week two- Responsibility
Week three- Effort


Week one- Respect
Week two- Responsibility
Week three- Effort
Week four- Respect
Week five- Responsibility


Week one- Effort
Week two- Respect
Week three- Responsibility
Week four- Effort


Week two- Respect
Week three- Responsibility
Week four- Effort


Week one- Respect
Week two- Responsibility
Week three- Effort
Week four- Respect


Week one- Responsibility
Week two- Effort
Week three- Respect


Kirksville Primary Matrix

Our Classrooms Show Respect, Responsibility, and Give Our Best Effort

Our Staff will Model, Monitor, and Reinforce Expectations






Chew with mouth closed

-Keeps hands to yourself

-Keep feet on the floor

-Keep your food in your area

-Keep you body healthy by eating

-Line up with face forward, voices silent, hands at your side

-Talk quietly to the person next to you

-Clean your area

-Eat most of your lunch


-Obey classroom rules

-Follow directions

-Wait patiently for your turn

-Listen when others speak

-Return papers and homework on time

-Make the right choices

-Take care of school and personal property

-Give your best in everything

-Say "I Can Never Give Up"


-Voice silent

-Hands to yourself

-Walk on second square

-Hands at your side

-Face forward

-Do your best

-Carry items appropriately

-Single file



-Do not bother plants

-Respect classroom privacy and learning

-Plan supervised butterfly/insect exploring

-Enjoy your butterfly garden as a peaceful, learning environment


-Keep eyes to yourself

-Keep self in one stall

-Use only when you need

-Wash hands using soap

-Use only 1 or 2 towels and 1 squirt of soap

-Throw towels away in trash can

-Voices silent in bathroom

-Use bathroom appropriately

-Use bathroom quickly and quietly


-Keep eyes on presenter

-Sit on bottom

-Keep hands and feet to self

-Be attentive

-Sit silently

-Applaud with appreciation

-Keep hands and feet to self

-Be courteous and polite

-Stay silent during presentation

-Raise hand to ask or answer questions

-Quiet feet on the stairs, and while seated on bleachers


-Follow directions

-Use inside voice, talk with seat mates

-Use kind words

-Stay seated until exiting

-Keep bus clean

-Close windows before leaving

-Make good choices

-Take all belongings when exiting

-Arrive at stop on time in a.m.

-Listen for bus to be called

-Inside voices

-Watch for your stop

-Go directly home

-Wait quietly and patiently

-Follow bus rules

-Keep your place in line

-Wait your turn to exit



-Use kinds words

-Listen and follow directions

-Hands and feet to yourself

-Use objects appropriately

-Wait your turn

-Be safe

-Stay with your group

-Dress appropriately for activity

-Use appropriate voice for activity

-Keep track of personal items

-Do your best

-Keep a positive attitude

-Walk when moving between activities


-Include others

-Share equipment

-Line up promptly on signal

-Play safe

-Take turns

-Hang jump ropes over fence

-Bring in all balls

-Everyone can play

-Walk on concrete

-Use equipment properly

-Line up appropriately



-Use a quiet voice

-Be silent when busses are being called

-Be quiet when names are being called in parent pick up

-Keep your belongings in your backpack

-Pick all of your belongings up when leaving

-Keep yourself and your things in your space

-Go directly to breakfast when you arrive at school

-Wait quietly and patiently