Enhanced School Security

Superintendent Robert Webb announced today part of the Kirksville R-III School Districts continuing efforts to strengthen security measures across the KVR-III schools. In the spring of 2023 results from a more than 600-page audit of the district safety procedures and equipment was presented to the Administration.

One element of the audit was the need to strengthen district protocols regarding visitors to each of the six school buildings. Included in those findings was the need to deploy an efficient identification validation and check-in process for those who enter a school beyond the office area.  

Beginning August 22, 2023 all schools will have in place a system provided by KIDaccount whose software includes a visitor management process that we will require of all visitors to the schools during times when students are in session.

Each building will be equipped with a sign-in digital kiosk in the front entrance or office of the building. All visitors will need to sign in at the kiosk. To further ensure that guests are properly authorized for contact with individual students, when signing in each person will need to provide a government issued photo ID, preferably a driver’s license, to be allowed further entrance to the building.  

We understand this process is new and may seem a little inconvenient at the beginning, but we are excited and confident that KIDaccount will bring an additional layer of security to each of our schools. We are grateful in advance for your understanding and patience. Additional information for parents can be found through this link.