Congratulations on receiving All-District Honors!

All of these students will perform today, Saturday, November 12 at 6:00 P.M. at Troy-Buchanan High School. Students selected to the District Band and Alternates are eligible to audition for The Missouri All-State Band December 3.

All-District Band

Esme AuBuchon- 2nd chair clarinet

Marquelle Stoskopf- 2nd chair tenor saxophone

Turner Petersen- Timpani

Benjamin Platte- 3rd chair trumpet

Isaiah Korte- 3rd chair tuba

Samuel Thatcher- 4th chair french horn

All-District Jazz Band

Marcus Kelly- Tenor Saxophone Alternate

All-District Honorable Mention Band

Sydney Hemminger- 11th chair clarinet

Josiah Stocks- alto clarinet

Juni Alberts- 2nd chair oboe and (ALTERNATE)

Eric AuBuchon-1st chair trombone and (ALTERNATE)

Dan Sterup- 4th chair trombone

Cayden Howerton- 5th chair trombone

Aidan Prendergast- 4th chair french horn

Photo by Suzanne Elmore