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Kirksville R-III will be saying goodbye to Textcaster at the end of this month and replacing it with the new opt-out system in Thrillshare. If you have a student already enrolled in the Kirksville R-III school district and your cell phone number is in our online registration form, we've already got you covered! You do have the option, once you receive a text from us to opt-out, however, please keep in mind this is one of the ways we will notify you of school closures, hard surface routes, reminders of early outs, and more.

If you do NOT have a student enrolled in the Kirksville R-III School District, or you'd like to add an additional person such as a grandparent, please click the link

If you're unsure of what phone number we have on file, please visit and login to the Parent Portal and make sure your email, phone, and address are correct.

For additional information, please call 660-665-7774 and ask to speak to Stephanie Mills.