​ I Think I Can Project To all parents of Kirksville R-III Students: We have been connected with the Kirksville R-III schools for the past 14 years and hope to continue for as long as we can help. Our simple mission is: TO PROVIDE BASIC NEEDS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO THE STUDENTS AT THE KIRKSVILLE R-III SCHOOL DISTRICT WHO OTHERWISE CANNOT PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES ​What we have learned these past 14 years is that basic needs vary with each family. We have also learned that the Kirksville community is very proud of our students, our teachers and administrators, and our schools. And they are willing to respond when called. What we ask of you is that you work with our schools and seek their assistance if you truly need some help. Help may be a temporary need or an ongoing situation. If possible, every student should have the same opportunity and with your honest choices, we can perhaps “level the playing field for all.” Once school opens, if you find you’d like to visit with school personnel about when you might qualify for assistance, please ask to visit with one of the following teachers: High School Amy Love Middle School Tiffany LaBeth Ray Miller Sydney Byers Primary Christine Aldridge The I Think I Can Foundation July/August 202 ​
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Welcome to our new Kirksville R-III app! Here is a quick video to get familiar with our new app and the features you might find handy. https://youtu.be/bbmlN2qOKrQ
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Happy 4th of July!
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Happy 4th with white back ground and a Kirksville logo
Summer school is in full swing at Ray Miller!
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Teacher at whiteboard with students looking at teacher
3 students on laptops for writing workshop
Student working on a solar system project